At AANSEACORE INC. (the “Company”, “we” or “us”), we use our website and otherinternet-based tools for the following purpose:

Digital Marketing, Website Development, Virtual Education Provider, LMSprovider, Product Development, IT and Non-IT Consulting, Professional Services,Staffing and Back Office Services

We are required to collect and retain information about the people and companies thataccess and use the website (“Users” or “you”). This Policy applies to our privacy practiceson all communications between the Company and Users, including but not limited tocommunication via:

1. the Company website (including the website hosted at www.aanseacore.com and anyother web domain used by the Company to communicate with users now or in thefuture);

2. any mobile, computer, or tablet-based application currently offered by Company ordeveloped in the future by the Company; and

3. all other services provided by the Company, as described on the Website (Items 1 to 3are collectively referred to as the "Website").

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets out how we use, protect, collect and preserveinformation submitted by Users, including User information gathered by our technology.This Policy should be read in conjunction with any Terms of Use or policies available onthe Website

By accessing or submitting any information through the Website, you are agreeing to theterms of this Policy. You are prohibited from accessing or using the Website unless youfully understand and agree to this Policy and all Terms of Use available for review on theWebsite.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us by sending an email withyour questions to info@aanseacore.com before accessing or entering any information onthe Website.


When you choose to create an account on the Website, we will collect and retain allpersonal identifying information submitted to us.

We will take steps to protect the information submitted to us by Users and we will notdisclose any personal identifying information without the consent of Users, unlessotherwise set out in this Policy.

Personal identifying information may include but is not necessarily limited to:

Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Residence Address, IP Address, SocialStatuses, Interests and related information.

We will not use personal identifying information to contact you for any reason unrelatedto your use of the Website or for commercial reasons unrelated to the business of theCompany. Except with your consent or where required by law, we will not providepersonal identifying information to any third party.


In order to facilitate their interactions on the Website, Users are able, where they deemappropriate, to upload information including personal identifying information. Usersshould only upload information to the extent that such information enhances theirexperience of using the Website.


To learn about your experience as a User and to make periodic improvements to theWebsite and our business, we may collect and retain certain information. We willautomatically record information about your activity on the Website. This may includeyour Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, geolocation information, localepreferences, identification numbers associated with your computers and mobile devices, 3your mobile carrier, date and time stamps associated with transactions, systemconfiguration information, metadata, and other electronic interactions with the Companyand the Website


To facilitate the collection of information and to enhance the experience of Users of theWebsite, we use cookies which may be stored on Users’ computers and/or devices so thatwe can recognize Users when they return. You may set your browser to notify you whenyou receive a cookie or to not accept certain cookies. However, changing such settings mayresult in you not being able to use the Website, either in its entirety or certain features.

Using cookies, you may have the option to allow us to save your user ID and loginpassword for future logins to the Website.

Cookies that are stored on your computer and/or device after visiting the Website may berecognized for advertising purposes and to show you targeted advertisements after youvisit the Website.

For more information on the cookies we use or to opt-out, please contact us atinfo@aanseacore.com.


We may engage in "remarketing" activities using third-party services, which may includebut are not limited to Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook. By using the Website,you consent to allow us to provide information to third-party service parties who maypresent you with advertisements about the Company after you visit the Website. We willprovide third-party providers of remarketing services with the minimum amount ofinformation required to facilitate remarketing, and in no circumstances will Companyprovide any personal identifying information to third-parties for the purpose ofremarketing.


We use data collected from the Website for various purposes, including to: provide theWebsite to you and accompanying customer support; notify you about updates and 4changes to the Website; prevent and address technical issues with the Website; monitorusage of the Website.

Without restriction, we may use any information you submit through the Website for anypurpose we deem appropriate so long as it is anonymous and stripped of any and allpersonal identifying information.

We may use the data collected from the Website, devices, browsers, and any other sources,for its own purposes, both related to and unrelated to improving the Website.


We may process your personal identifying information for a number of reasons, including:

  • performing a contract with you relating to the Website;
  • you have provided us consent to do so;
  • fulfilling a legal obligation;
  • fulfilling our legitimate interests, which are not overridden by your rights;
  • for payment processing purposes.


If you wish to access or amend your personal information or to request that wepermanently delete your personal information from our servers, please send an email toinfo@aanseacore.com. We will ensure your personal information is accessible, amendedand/or deleted in a reasonable time after receiving that request. Deleting such informationmay require us to terminate any account you may have created in its entirety and preventyou from using the Website.

So long as your account remains active, we will preserve your personal information inaccordance with the Policy.

You may decline to share certain personal information with us, in which case you may notbe able to use the Website, either in its entirety or certain features.

If you have not accessed your account for a total of 1 years, we may terminate your 5account, without notice, along with any personal information retained by us.

When deleting your information, whether by request or due to inactivity, we will usestandard electronic means to remove your personal information from our files.

We will also retain any and all information that we are required to retain under anyapplicable laws for the full duration of time required under those laws.


We will store your information in electronic format on industry-standard servers that wehave selected. Except where required to do so by law, we will not store your personalinformation in any physical or paper-based format.

The servers we select to store information engage security software and generallyaccepted standards to protect personal information. The software used by these servers isintended to prevent unauthorized access or improper use.

However, no security system is perfect and there is always a risk of unauthorized partiesaccessing your personal information. Therefore, we make no guarantees or representationsas to the technical or legal compliance of the servers we use. We cannot guarantee thecomplete protection and security of your personal information.

Our servers may be located outside of Canada, and thus are potentially subject to theprivacy and security laws in force in other countries. If you have concerns about yourpersonal information being stored electronically in foreign jurisdictions, please contact usbefore proceeding to use the Website.


In the event the personal information of a User is disclosed as the result of any breach ofsecurity of the Website or its servers, regardless of who is at fault, we will take steps toadvise all known affected Users within a reasonable timeframe of learning of the breach.


To provide an enhanced experience to Users, including to track conversions and analytics,we may engage services and features controlled by third-parties. We cannot control or 6dictate how any third-party application you use in conjunction with the Website, now or atany point in the future, will treat any personal information you transmit through theirservers when using the Website. We advise you to contact these parties directly to reviewtheir privacy policies.

Without limitation, the Company uses or may use the following third-party applicationsand services in conjunction with the Website:

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Paypal, Wix Suite of Applications

By using any of these third-party application to interact with the Website, we will not begiven access to your login credentials, user name, password, payment information, or anyinformation you may provide directly to these applications.


With the following restrictions, the Website may be accessed in certain circumstances bypersons under the age of 18.

We take the following precautions to protect the safety and information of persons underthe age of 18:

Persons under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the Website without the expresspermission and direct supervision of a parent or guardian. Persons under the age of 13 areprohibited from submitting any personal identifying information through the Website. TheCompany will immediately delete any personal identifying information submitted inviolation of this Policy.


In certain situations, we may be required to disclose personal data in response to lawfulrequests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcementrequirements.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties:

  • 1. In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we may discloseyour personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.
  • 2. If the Company or its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case personal dataabout Users may be one of the transferred assets.
  • 3. If we are under a duty to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply withany legal obligation, or in order to enforce or apply our Terms of Use; or to protectthe rights, property, or safety of the Company, our Users, or others. This includesexchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purposes offraud protection and credit risk reduction.


You can choose to provide us with the names and email addresses of individuals ororganizations that you feel would be interested in learning more about our products andservices. When you choose to engage this service, we may send a preliminary email toeach address provided to us, inviting the contact to visit our website. We continue to storethe contact details in order to track the success of our referral service.


This Policy may be updated and amended from time to time. We reserve the right tochange this Policy at any time, and any amended Policy is effective upon posting to theWebsite. We will make efforts to communicate any changes to this Policy we deemmaterial, in our sole discretion, via email or notifications on the Website. Your continueduse of the Website will be deemed acceptance of any amended Policy.


We encourage you to send us questions and inquiries on this Policy and the steps we taketo keep your personal information secure. Please send us an email: info@aanseacore.com

We will respond to all inquiries on the Policy within 7 days.