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Internship Program

With a noble motive of supplementing students’ learning with real-world experience, AANSEACORE’s internship program provides much-needed career prep above and beyond what students can obtain in the conventional classroom.

Internships for college students across the globe capture an intangible aspect of higher learning that is often lacking in classrooms and textbooks: the value of real-world experience. While this can be conveyed, to some extent, with class projects, case studies, and clinical observation, nothing quite compares to the experience of being engrossed in a fast-paced work environment.

Moreover, from an employer’s perspective- internships provide a powerful recruitment opportunity. Through these programs, organizations can seize fresh talent and shape a future generation. The risk of taking on an intern is minimal, as employers only commit to working with interns for a few short months. Upon reviewing the intern’s performance, employers can make a greater commitment while streamlining the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes.

Though our Internship program, we aspire to make a lasting, positive impact on the world in business ethics, the environment, and the communities in which we work and live in.

It’s a comprehensive 12-week Program, wherein, from day one, you’ll be involved in amazing projects. Time Management; Working on Tech skills that you inspire to be; soft skills; working with other team mates coming from various walks of life; different working styles; research, analysis and storytelling. We help you develop the ability to learn and adopt quickly.

AANSEACORE provides a balanced environment where Interns can learn and grow continually, ultimately getting prepped and ready to take on impactful roles in the career paths of their choice.

We believe that today's students are tomorrow's creators, and they deserve a fertile ground to practice, get hands-on and gain experience in their areas of interest.

At AANSEACORE, we are offering that space for students all over the world. Through internships or curriculum-based project work, our Experimental Learning & Intern Partnership Program offers students from all geographies including India and Canada to take up roles of their interest and engage in our live in-house projects.

Moreover, we're keeping it simple and straight forward to apply or partner with us.