Successful Cloud Migrations begin with a Smart Mindset.

We help your digital transformation through our cloud migration services and move to the cloud through the best strategy, workflow model, roadmap, and collaborations. It’s time to unleash the power of Cloud with our cloud transformation solutions.

Devising End-to-End Migration Roadmap

We work with your team to define which method works best for your organization – public, private, or hybrid. We take a customer-centric approach, pre-set templates, and data analytics applications to assure migrations take place quickly, efficiently, and regularly without any adverse business influence.


AANSEACORE's Mainframe to Cloud Migration Excellence

We specialize in guiding businesses like yours through the intricate journey from mainframes to the cloud. Our strategic planning, technical expertise, and operational flexibility ensure your transition is smooth and efficient. Join us as we redefine the landscape of mainframe to cloud migration, setting new standards of excellence. It can be any of this or combination of rehost, relocate, re-platform, refactor, repurchase, retire, and retain.

  • cobol COBOL Migration to Java or C#/.NET
  • Cloud-Platform On AWS, Azure or Oracle Cloud Platform

Whether the desired platform is AWS, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Oracle a private cloud, or other platforms, there are significant financial incentives to migrate mainframe applications to the cloud in many ways including strategical, operational, technical aspects.


Why move to the Cloud?

Rapid Deployment

The cloud migration services eliminate the necessity to install the required operating systems and set up high-end servers.

Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud services reduce the complexity of infrastructure setup, saves time & enables employees to focus on other business-developing possibilities.

Efficient Monitoring

Our cloud application migration service allows companies to monitor failures or safety in the system quickly.

The Benefits we Offer

Our strategic expertise will help you boost productivity, reduce expenses, enhance agility, and guarantee exceptional performances.

  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Strategy, risk mitigation, quality control, and transformation
  • Flexible migration planning
  • Automated tracking and reporting

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